Chakra Cleanse Smudge Kit

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A beautiful Chakra Cleanse Kit.

The kit comes with a bag of dried sage (2 bags), chakra crystal set, clear quartz point, abalone shell and wooden crystal stand. The crystal stand can fold up and is the perfect place to sit your shell whilst it has smoking sage.

You'll also receive a set of detailed instructions about how to clean and clear your space, yourself and any other being. The instructions will also include affirmations and techniques to assist in clearing your space and auric field, raising your frequency and balancing your chakras.  

You will also receive a Talisman Pouch to keep your crystals close by. A great set to use for chakra healing, crystal grids and every day use. Each crystal is between 2-3 cm x 2-3 cm.

Shell size: approx. 10 cm length x 8 cm wide

Crystal stand: 15 cm length x 14.5 cm wide

*please note the crystal stand will fold up which is handy!


The Crystal Chakra Kit includes:

Orange Aventurine

Lapis Lazuli

Green Aventurine

Red Jasper

Yellow Aventurine

Clear Quartz Point

Chevron Amethyst

Grey Aventurine

* Bonus Rose Quartz

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