Aura Quartz Unicorn Kit

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A beautiful collection of crystals including clusters of celestine and spirit quartz plus natural pieces of amethyst and rose quartz. You will also receive a beautiful collection of points including: pink aura quartz, blue aura quartz, magenta aura quartz, smoky quartz points and clear quartz points.

Each piece is natural & unique and the size of each piece will vary from approximately 4.5 - 7 cm. We will provide you a kit with the same size points.

This is a lovely collection and a great chance to purchase a good collection of crystals.

This magical kit includes the following:

2 x pink aura quartz points 

2 x blue aura quartz points

2 x magenta aura quartz points

2 x smoky quartz points

2 x angel aura quartz points

1 x clear quartz 

1 x celestine cluster

1 x spirit quartz 

1 x amethyst 

1 x rose quartz 


Please note the color of the crystal is created for the pink, blue, magenta and angel quartz points only, underneath is a beautiful Quartz crystal, and together they radiate a Crystalline frequency of wonderful nature. I have used these crystals in healing sessions and they have worked wonderfully.  The rest of this collection are natural crystals. 


Weight: 127 grams

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